John nel

Wine maker

The Nels moved to Helshoogte in the early 1990's and promptly planted vines. John tends the vines and ardently creates and blends the wines. What began as his passionate hobby has metamorphosed into flourishing and compelling lifestyle. John will be in and out of the tasting room most weekends and his jovial and hands-on approach makes for a wonderful experience for all.

Gael Nel


Gael, (John's wife) is a talented caterer and painter. Gael runs the B&B which is a separate, self-contained cottage, located on the farm.

Gael has also created and tends all of the exquisitely manicured gardens for which the farm is well known.



Giscard is the newest member of the Camberley family. He is involved with the wine-making processes at every level and his dedication and drive have made him an invaluable member of the team. You will most likely find him in the tasting room where he presides with much charm and laughter.