Camberley News Updates!

Well, hello there.

My sons and daughters-in-law have insisted that Camberley ‘ups its game’ on the social media front. This to someone who has basically just learned how to use the ‘shift’ key to make capital letters.

Nonetheless, it appears some of our long-time supports and new Camberley fans have an interest in what’s happening on the farm. For this reason, we will be using this little ‘blog’ to give you updates from time to time.

Also, we’re going to make a bit more of an effort on the Instagram, which is like the Facebook except less spy-y, so I hear. We are @camberleywines - check us out, and feel free to hashtag the hell out of us whenever and wherever you drink one of our wines.

The wines - they all have a story - often a quirky one, and without fail one which involves friends, family and good times. That’s the Camberley way … and, coincidentally, how we recommend you enjoy our wines.

Here’s the Instagram page - go check it out and leave some comments. Follow us too!

Until next time!